Plan With Me - Halloween Town

Untitled_Artwork 8 copy.png

Digital Planning is a new found love for me. I discovered it right before I opened my Etsy shop! I was like, “hey I can do this.” It’s digital and creative and saves the planet—literally everything that means anything to me! Every week I plan out a fancy lookin’ spread that encourages me to meet my goals, reminds me what I need to get done, and of course just looks darn cute.

This week I’m using Sabine Elise Designs’ Halloween Town kit. I’m actually lucky enough to have a coupon for you all!!! Use code DANYELL at checkout for 10% off. All of the other stickers I mention during the video are available via the links in the video description. Launch the video in YouTube (and subscribe while you’re there ;) that’d be nice).

Also, don’t forget to check out my planner instagram! I post daily showing off each of my spreads each week… also, this is the place where you’ll be first notified of anything cool coming to my shop.