My 2018 Goals


Every year I do a goals page like this--but most years I wind up forgetting about it. This year, Trevor and I made goals together because we will be MARRIED by the end of 2018 (omg, that's so crazy to think about) and mostly because we just do everything together now. So, hopefully I make some of these goals really come true this time around since I'll have my boo by my side!

If you want to watch our video we did about this for our YouTube channel, then make sure to click on the video file at the bottom!

My 2018 Goals

Personal Goals

+ Start my wedding videography portfolio

I actually haven't talked about this a whole lot because I haven't quite been ready to share. But I really think that I would like to get into wedding videography. As Trevor and I were looking into options, we wound up deciding that we'd rather just capture the day on our own terms, kind of vlog style like we do now (plus videographers are soooo expensive). So, I was thinking that this is something I could really be passionate about--I want to create a video that showcases other couple's stories (plus be cheaper, haha).

+ Start consistently running again

I think I've put this on my goal list like the last 3 years, and I can never achieve it. I didn't want to commit to a time, or pace, or distance to run this year, but just a run in general. I want to be able to just say, "Hey Trevor, wanna do a 5k?" and then not have to train or feel like death afterwards. I'm not running right now, but when it gets warmer I definitely will be!

+ Read 12 books

Totally do-able! I can crush this one, but the only thing is that I am such an inconsistent reader. I'll read 3 books, boom-boom-boom, back to back, but then won't read again for MONTHS! If I can stay consistent then I can definitely accomplish this goal.

+ Make more friends

I don't have many friends, and that's okay. But this year I want to really focus on creating online relationships with other YouTubers and bloggers within this community. Other vloggers, young couples, etc. I also want to ensure that I really turn the half-way friendships I currently have into full blown real girlfriends! Focusing on friends this year is important to me because I often feel like it's just Trevor and I in Kansas City when I know I have so many more people who care for me and who I need to care for too!

Trevor & I Goals

+ Get 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel

If you're reading this and you aren't subscribed, please do! I mean, it's free so why not! I want to get our channel up to 1000 subscribers so that way I can truly begin to share my experiences with others that aren't just family (even though my family viewers are great)! You all should know that I preach all the time that our YouTube channel is more for our own memories, but it's still nice to know that other people appreciate the content you're creating too.

+ Start saving more

Trevor and I have had the wonderful opportunity to make some big purchases lately (including a house!) which has most entirely depleted our savings. This isn't bad, but I just want us to get back up into a comfortable spot again... and maybe even save more! I want to have wiggle room in our budget and feel like we're 100% stable at all times.

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I hope you liked the video! What are your goals for 2018? Is there anything that is going to really push you this year? Let me know your thoughts and goals in the comment section below, I'd love to hear from you. Stay in touch!