April 2017 Goals

I didn't exactly accomplish all of the goals that I had hoped to, but then again, I focused on a lot of things that I really hadn't planned to. My bullet journal became a big part of last month. And so did my family. Even though things don't always go as planned, often times going with the flow allows for things to work out for the better.

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Last month's goals:

+ Post to Snapchat (@dnbailey94) once a day, and tweet at least twice a day.

This one is complete. My idea when putting the goal on my list last month was that I just wanted to start being more interactive and engaged on some social media networks. Snapchat and Twitter are probably some of my favorites of all the social media networks that I am a part of. I wouldn't say that I was perfect at posting all of the time, but I definitely posted more consistently, and I plan to keep it up next month.

+ Run twice a week (the weather is getting nice--you got this!!)

I put a little "you got this" blurb in this goal, and I still don't got it. I didn't even get out and run once at all last month.

+ Keep up on my newly created cleaning routine.

I'm going to half check this one off my list. I was really good at keeping a cleaner house last month. But that being said, I didn't exactly stick to the cleaning routine that I had wanted to commit to. While the house was consistently tidy, I wanted to spend more time deep cleaning and I did not do that this past month. That's why this one is a partial success for me.

+ Read and journal every night before bed.

The journaling part yes, the reading part not so much. I am obsessed with my Bullet Journal right now, and am spending tons of time writing and doodling and creating spreads in it. However, I'm in a terrible reading slump. I'm going to be trying to pull myself out of the slump this weekend with a fresh new book.

+ Go on an adventure just to take pictures.

Sadly, I didn't get to do this one. Most of my weekends were quite an adventure this month, but I didn't focus on taking pictures as much as I had wanted to.

+ Start Trevor's t-shirt quilt. Do you want to see a video of this?

Still put this off. I was hoping that if I added it as a goal on my blog that I would be more inspired to get started. I know that as soon as I start though I will be sucked in.

+ Connect with other YouTubers and bloggers.

I've been trying to be more actively engaged with other bloggers. I've been commenting on my favorite sites, and talking with a few YouTubers on Twitter. Friendships and connections can grow slowly, so that's all I'm trying to do right now.

April Goals:

This month I am going to focus on being a better me--making myself happier but also healthier. The difference about his month is that I am doing it for ME! I'm not losing weight because I think people are noticing, I'm finally focusing on running and working out because it is something that I truly want to do for myself. I'm also making myself better by setting goals to learn new things and try different things. And finally, I'm going to focus on some spring related things like cleaning out my closet and finally starting a cute patio garden.

+ Run at least twice a week after work.

+ Clean out my wardrobe and organize my outfits.

+ Start a garden and worm composting.

+ Be more conscious of my sugar intake.

+ Learn about Patient Portal at work.

+ Read at least 2 books (aka get out of this reading slump).

+ Do something new in Kansas City.

Want a look at my yearly goals for 2017--check them out here! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?