February 2017 Goals

I found this quote on Twitter and I absolutely love it: "I've decided that my 2017 is going to start February 1st... January was just a free trial month." It makes me laugh and smile, and it is basically a perfect representation of how I feel. This month is going to be the beginning of the year for me. This is the month where I continue good habits, break bad habits, and create even better ones.

What you might have missed last month:

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NYE 2016-2017

January 2017 Goals

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Last month's goals:

Like I mentioned in my intro above, January was not the best month for me. I didn't really make any goals or do anything new this year to really try to improve myself. But now that it's February I'm in it full swing. My January 2017 Goals posts (linked above) simply tells you to check out my 2017 Year Goals page--which I still think you should do!

Last month might have lacked a little luster, but this month I'm coming in with a bang and am so ready to go! I have tons planned.

February Goals:

This month I am ready to go. I've started a new journal and planner, I am almost done with a book, and Trevor and I started something new. This really gets me excited to see where this month could go.

+ Read two books.

+ Post to my blog twice a week.

+ Keep my social media more up to date.

+ Workout twice a week.

+ Post to TD Do Life at least once a week.

+ Walk at a desk treadmill at work once a day.

+ Deep clean a portion of the house once a week.

Want a look at my yearly goals for 2017--check them out here! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?