Feb 13 - 19 | Weekly Vlog

We really enjoy making these videos and sharing them with our families--which is the most important thing to us. We also like having fun with one another, and we truly enjoy spending time with one another. Trevor and I hope that you get a kick out of this videos and like glimpsing a bit into our lives. We love sharing!

Monday Danyell had a long day to say it best, but i think it ended well when we shared our Valentines Day gifts early. We both enjoyed the presents we each got each other. Tuesday was spent editing and a special Valentines Day supper. Wednesday was Wine Wednesday, and Danyell spent the night catching up with her family and a few extra guests. Thursday Trevor played basketball with his friends, and Friday was spent bowling with a few of our close friends. Its nice to spend an evening with friends. We are thinking (Trevor mostly) of joining a bowling league. We both enjoy bowling and it would get us out of the house more on evenings. Saturday was spent driving back to Trevor's home town to see his family. And Sunday was a big day as Trevor's nephew turned 4.

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What is a weekly vlog?

Our weekly vlog videos are a compilation of clips throughout our week--clips of us learning new things, trying fun stuff, and exploring all the places! You can expect these videos to contain bits and pieces from Monday-Sunday with a new video coming out every Wednesday morning.

Check back soon to see a link to the T&D Do Life blog post regarding Trevor's basketball games.

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