10 facts about me

These may be common knowledge to friends and family, but for all my new subscribers and followers--I wanted to give you a chance to get to know me just a little. This quirky, fun, playful video perfectly describes my attitude! I hope that you like it. Please make sure to watch the video as I go into detail and tell some really fun stories.

  1. My favorite books are: The Illuminae Files (series), but Miss Peregrine’s is a close second
  2. I’m a vegetarian
  3. My guilty pleasure is my mom’s German chocolate caramel brownies
  4. I am ALWAYS losing my phone
  5. My favorite tree is a Magnolia tree
  6. My first pet was a mouse named Madeline
  7. I’m an introvert
  8. I bite my nails HORRIBLY
  9. I wish I knew another language
  10. My favorite shows are NCIS and Criminal Minds