Vlogging my life

So much is changing in my life right now, and I can't even keep up. I can almost guarantee that you all are just about as lost as me. If you need a little refresher on some of the things that are changing then check out this post. In order to document this awesome time, Skylar and I have decided to start weekly vlogging!

Honestly, I'm really hoping that this turns into daily vlogs--I've always dreamed of having our little space on YouTube where we can keep our daily memories. Vlogs are important to me because it will allow us to watch ourselves grow, remember fun times, and even someday watch our kids grow, too.

Anyways, this past week was our first go at weekly vlogging! It was fun, and I can't wait for us to learn more about it and continue to get better. Let us know if you have any tips or tricks by leaving a comment!!

Here's a little run-down of this past week:


We did laundry and cleaned the house... so much fun! Skylar had the day off work, and I was happy to be spending the day with him by being lazy and getting over our sicknesses.


Well, you won't actually see anything in the vlog for Tuesday because I was sick with a terrible stomach ache. I know, I know, we failed already! But at least I have a viable excuse, haha.


Thankfully, I was feeling a lot better this day, so I had the opportunity to get all of my to-do's done that I had been putting off. Sometimes the middle of the week comes too fast... and then sometimes it doesn't come fast enough.


On this day I actually started prepping for some graduation stuff!! I was really starting to get excited. I did more laundry, cleaned the house more (why does a house always need cleaned so much?), got my eyebrows done, and decorated my graduation cap.


And now the ceremonies begin! If you watch the vlog you will see that I had a small SOIC Graduation Ceremony--basically, a ceremony just for computer science and informatics students. It was nice and intimate and fun.


Then here comes the big one!! My actual graduation ceremony where I wore my cap and gown and the whole shebang! It was huge and crazy and tons of fun.

I really hope that you enjoyed our weekly vlog! Please don't forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of this first one. Also, subscribe to us on YOUTUBE!!