Reflecting on my previous jobs

I start my first ever full-time job very soon. My first day is Monday, June 6th. As that day approaches I am starting to realize how grateful I am that I have this opportunity. I am thankful that Cerner offered me a job that could allow me to expand and grow, I am fortunate that I can pack up my life and go where ever they say, and most of all, I am thankful that I had amazing jobs in the past that gave me great experience!

I've had a lot of jobs. Probably more than the average 21 year old. I like to test different fields, find out what I'm good at, and make money for myself while keeping my schedule busy and full. I've worked at Dairy Queen, I've suffered through a telemarketing job, I have acted as a social media marketer for a small-time LLC, and I've done even more than just that.

Some of these jobs really made an impact on who I am. These jobs lead me on the path I am now, forced me to grow up, taught me what real work ethic is, and so much more. Today I want to reflect on these previous jobs and the amazing experiences I had--they've really helped me get to where I am now.

Charlotte Russe

This amazing store in the Bloomington Mall was really the first time I got to feel like my work was worth something. I loved helping girls find outfits that would work for them. I got so much enjoyment out of assisting someone who was prepping for a big event by finding them the perfect shoe! This job was rewarding and fun.

But, the most important reason to why this job at Charlotte Russe has impacted me so much is that it offered me the opportunity to lead. About a year in I was asked to become a Manager. This was thrilling news to me! I would be able to lead a team, work more hours, and get a raise. My leadership role taught me so much about working with people and accomplishing tasks together. Every time I go in for any interview or are asked about a time when I got to lead a team I ALWAYS talk about my amazing experiences at Charlotte Russe.

I am so thankful that Kristin H. hired me! I am thankful that she recognized the potential I had and helped me to grow into the leader I am now. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with so many amazing girls who shaped me personally and allowed me to become the funky, weird, and loving person that I am today. I will always be a part of the 321 team, and I will always appreciate the goals of the Charlotte Russe company.

Technology Consultant

Out of almost every job that I have listed today, my time with the Technology Center Consultants (TCC) at Indiana University was the shortest. I only worked with TCC for about three months in the fall; however, this job impacted my deep desire to find a job in the technology field.

As a TCC consultant, I had the opportunity to assist other students with computer struggles and troubleshoot minor problems on all Indiana University Student Technology Center computers. This job allowed me to use my background in computing and gain real world experience. Without the experience from my time with TCC I probably wouldn't even have the job with Cerner that I do. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to work on real-life technology problems as a Technology Consultant.

IT Training Instructor

And finally, my most recent job with IT Training: this job means the world, these people mean so much to me, and my time with IT Training will never be forgotten. When I applied to work with IT Training I was actually applying for a different job than the one that I was hired for. IT Training saw the potential that I had to achieve greatness with their organization, so they took a chance by hiring me!

As an IT Training instructor I taught workshops about Photoshop, Excel, HTML, etc. IT Training was my most favorite job by far!! I loved helping people learn something new, develop skills they didn't even realize that they could master, and discover how cool technology today really is.

I am so VERY thankful for the people that I worked with during my time at IT Training. I will definitely keep in close contact with them as I journey into this new full-time position. I am grateful for the opportunity to help others and develop their technology skills at the same time as I further enhanced mine. IT Training impacted my interview with Cerner by giving me experience in talking with others and working through problems. I will always miss IT Training!!

Having job experience is so important when applying for a career after college. Jobs want to know that you can work hard, accomplish tasks, and work well with others. I am forever indebted to the people who hired me while I was in college--these jobs gave me opportunities, harbored my skills, and helped me to personally develop!