Our last week in Indiana

This past week was bitter sweet. Skylar and I got to spend some time with our family over Memorial Day Weekend, but we were also busy packing. Thinking about being an 8 hour drive away from home is very sad, yet we are excited for this next journey. We can't believe this is our last week in Indiana.

Here's a little run-down of this past week:


On Monday I cleaned the house and packed up all of things in the bathroom that we didn't need on a daily basis. You never realize how much you have in your medicine cabinet until you try to fit it into a small box.


We have been having a bit of trouble finalizing a few things for our apartment. It has been a bit of a hectic journey. This day we tried to go to my bank and get our lease notarized, but it was closed before we got off work. Then we tried to go to the UPS store but their notary was not in. Ugh, its been crazy.


It's officially one week from moving day, and on this day we spent some time packing up the office and getting some other small things put in to boxes. We are trying to take our time packing and only pack the things that we need and throw away the junk.


Finally, it is official!! We signed our lease, got it notarized, paid our rent, and sent money for all of our fees. The apartment in Kansas City is officially ours, and we are all set to move in.


This day was the most bitter sweet of all. Skylar and I had our last days of work at our current jobs. We really do love what we were doing here in Bloomington, so it was rather sad to have to walk away from our friends and coworkers this Friday. But we know there are other good things to come on this journey soon.


The Odle family decided to come visit us for a few days, so we did a lot of fun stuff for Memorial Day weekend. On Saturday we went to Brown County State Park and had a lot of fun walking the trails. I did a full blog post about this just the other day. You can check it out here!

So this upcoming week is going to be a really crazy and really fun one for us. That being said, Skylar and I really want to document and share this time in our life with you!! We have decided that for this upcoming week that we are going to vlog every single day. That means that there will be a new video available for you every single morning on our YouTube channel.

More than ever, it is super important that you hit that button and subscribe to us on YouTube!! Make sure you never miss one of our vlogs that go live in these next few days.