Tea Time No.003

Another Tea Time for your daily dose of Danyell! I hope you're enjoying these glimpses into my personal life. It's a blast flipping through my journal every week, recollecting on what happened, and gathering all of my Instagram images for the week. This week I got an official notice from my IU Advisor letting me know that I am OFFICIALLY graduating this coming May!! Eek.

Grrr, the beginning of the week. Today was especially sluggish for me. How was it for you? I found myself scouring the internet finding things to distract myself with instead of studying for finals. I'm currently obsessed with all of these Vlogmas videos on YouTube--sunbeamsjess is my fav!!

I spilled my heart out in my journal today about how I just haven't been feeling very productive lately. This happens from time to time, and its completely normal, but making myself aware of my laziness can really help pull me out of my funk. I put my "Blogger Burnout" article to use!

Today was a productive day for me (back at it!!). I met with TDC, and we talked about some amazing things. I'm pumped for the upcoming year with this awesome team--check them out!!

I also got another migraine today. But I made note of all of my symptoms, wrote down everything that I ate that day, and now feel confident that I can start figuring out what's making my body go haywire. If you've never had a migraine before, then its hard to describe, but it can be awfully scary.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my little sisters :D She's officially an adult. I gave her a call and FaceTimed with some of her friends. I had a blast catching up, and I realize that I should really really just call my family more. This has been a goal of mine for months now... will I ever be able to achieve it??

Just rocked that test I had today. Now I am officially finished with my last fall semester in college ever (besides a few dreaded finals next Thursday). Can you believe I'm gonna be a full-fledged grown up soon? Is this even real life??

Did you see the new series I started on my blog? Blogging has changed my life so much, and I know its affected so many other people out there too, so with this new series I'll be featuring other bloggers! They will be talking about their journey, their goals, and how blogging has made an impact in their life. Check out this week's feature, WayfaringRachel!!

P.S. All of the images used in this post are from my Instagram account.