Tea Time No. 004

This past week I finished off my second to last semester of college ever. It was probably the hardest semester that I have ever had and the last time I will ever have to really focus on school work. My final spring semester should be cake! I can't wait,

You can find me a Barnes & Nobel cramming for my test on Tuesday. I thought the test was on Thursday, but boy was I in for a rude awakening when I realized the actual date. That meant that literally all of my time today was spent entire on re-reading, going over slides, and preparing myself for this dreaded test. Thank god I am done with my psychology minor after this class.

Even though my test is today, I still have other things I have to focus on. I have to work, meet with a brand new client, and prepare myself for a talk I'm giving over Google Hangout tomorrow. The stress level of this week is through the roof.

Okay, so now I've got a little bit of a break. I really really need to just sleep all day, but I made a commitment that I can't back down on. I'm actually really excited to be talking to my old high school about portfolios. They really are a great way to make your work shine!!

One last test and I'm done. I didn't need to spend practically any time prepping for this test today. It's a Database Relations course, and I've got this down!! I think that I'll do fine (especially since we are allowed to have an entire notecard worth of notes after all).

I have never had such a big sigh of relief as I've had today. I gave myself lots of much needed time to watch some Netflix in my jammies on the couch, catch up on some reading, and update my blog for the next week.

P.S. All of the images above come from Instagram!!