December 2015 Goals

This past month was a really great one for me. I gave myself time to get my life together and then just came back with a big bang. And I am hoping to keep this momentum up during the December month. As holidays approach my schedule begins to get simultaneously busy and free at the same time. I never know what my day is going to be like--but hopefully these goals can keep me in line.

What you might have missed last month: 

Last month's goals:

+ Call a family member regularly.
As much as I want to say that I accomplished this one... I did not :( Sadly, this is actually a really hard thing for me to accomplish. My family and I both live such busy lives that its difficult to catch any one of us in a moment to just talk.
+ Do something on my blog every day.
I believe I accomplished this one!! Whether I responded to comments, drafted up a new posts, fine tuned my Pinterest boards, or found new amazing blogs to follow on Bloglovin', I was striving to make my little corner of the web even better.
+ Journal before bed.
Another one off my list! Wow, I actually did pretty good this month.
+ Blog twice a week consistently.
I'm going to count this one as a win. I took a break half way through November, but when I came back I was consistent!
+ Send out a weekly newsletter.
Got it done!!!! If you aren't already subscribed what are you even doing?! Check out my tips and tricks here.

December Goals

This holiday season is going to spent a lot of the time with family. I love my family, but sometimes they can distract me from my blog and my online duties, so unlike any other month, this month's goals are going to have to be set in stone and really taken super seriously. I don't want all of you, my readers, to miss out on what I have to say (hehe!).

+ Post to Instagram at least once a day.
+ Fill an entire journal.
+ Practice yoga daily.
+ Finish two books.
+ Decorate for Christmas.
+ Budget better.

Need an update on how I'm doing with reaching my yearly goals--check them out here! Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?