Tea Time No.001

I miss my weekly vlogs, I miss my Periscope Friday's, but I can't film life every day. I don't have the skill to edit things quickly (I blame it on my perfectionism), and I don't always look good enough to pop up a camera and be confident as I talk about my daily life. But writing is something I can do.

Over and over again, I tell myself "don't start something you can't finish" or "don't start something that you won't be able to do regularly like you want," but this is really something I want to try. I've been writing a lot in my journal, and I love expressing myself there--but, I still want to share my daily life here.

That's why this blog started. It was a place for me to talk to my family and friends. Along the way, I've been able to meet some new people and expand my blog, but the idea of this being about me and my lifestyle is still constant.

So, Welcome to Tea Time! A post where I sit down and chat it out with you all every Saturday while I chug down my favorite tea of the week. I'll recap my week, talk about whatever is on my mind, and share a little bit more about myself every time. I hope you enjoy!!


I woke up at 4am to start a crock pot... how adult is that?! But, then I received a wonderful care package from my old youth group back at my hometown. I am so grateful that I have wonderful people who love and miss me always.

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Today is the second day of Thanksgiving Break. I love when I have a break from school! It gives me plenty of time to catch up on blogging tasks, schedule out some posts, and get my editorial planner all primped up and ready to go for the new year. I can't believe that 2015 is almost over--but more importantly, I can't believe I graduate this spring!!

Have you seen this article about how the voice actor of the old TV show, "Hey Arnold," is like SUPER hot?! I am now an avid fan of this hunk on Instagram... just don't tell S. The beard and tattoos make me weak.


I watched the Lord of the Rings Series today. I seriously need to just read the books! I absolutely love all of the movies--including The Hobbit Trilogy. Should I start with Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit when reading first?


Happy Thanksgiving!!! We spent this Thanksgiving with my family in Chicago. It was a crazy long drive because everyone seems to be traveling on this day. My family and I spent the time talking about politics (yuck), but it was a nice way to catch up--you learn so much about someone based on their views of the world.


Did you do anything for Black Friday? I didn't. I think I would rather spend someone money on Cyber Monday and never have to leave my house.

I've also been working on creating some new goals for 2016. Check out last years goals and my progress. I'm trying to tick those final things off my list before the new year starts in just a month!