The 5 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media

Social media marketing is definitely a thing. And its even bigger than ever before. Think about it--all of the young socialites you are trying to market to, trying to get to read your blog, check out your site, purchase your product, or take part in your service, are all on social media. So, it's super important that you get things right and take this form of marketing seriously.

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Here are some simple steps you can take on your own to improve your social media strategy. These are things that you should NOT ever do on social media.

1. Don't simply post content.

Social media is meant to be social. And when you're constantly keeping your feed up to date with all of the latest and greatest things happening in your little business, you need to remember to connect and interact with others, too. 

Engagement is the key to social media success. Your goals should always be to increase the amount of communication you facilitate, to make people talk about your business, and to remind people that your business is exactly what they need.

2. Don't create a false presence.

If you scroll through your tweets, posts, and all other updates only to realize that the story you are writing is not actually representing the person you are, the company you are representing, or the business you are trying to lead, then reconsider what you're posting.

While you're struggling to stand out among all of the other profiles and brands trying to get ahead in social media, it is important to remember to be true to your personal brand as well. You should never create a post just to gain exposure or get the views that your competitors have. Your followers want to be able to trust the brand that you are.

3. Don't use poor grammar.

I'll admit, I struggle with this one on my blog. When I'm trying a long post done and just want to get it published I make mistakes that I'm not proud of. But I have to remember how important it is to spell things correctly and use the correct terms when marketing myself online. Poor grammar makes your brand and business look uneducated, rushed, and uncared for.

All of your grammar mistakes can start making you look sloppy. In order to be a trustworthy voice you need to be aware of the content you are publishing, and that includes all misspelled words, rushed errors, and silly grammatical mistakes that you make.

4. Don't be offensive or inappropriate.

Do I really have to spell this one out? I think not, but far too often I find someone adding in a little too much sass with their opinion when posting online. Even if you're not representing a brand, remember that one day you might be. Having negative posts, tweets, and status updates locked away in your archives can impact the future of your business.

There is a fine line on social media between being yourself and making other feels uncomfortable. Depending on your audience and brand that line might be wider than others, but be aware that it is always better to be open minded, kind, and caring than rude, abrasive, and inappropriate.

5. Don't be too promotional.

While some people struggle with sharing too much personality, other struggle with not sharing enough. People follow brands because they want to get to know the brand. Sharing promotional content is good for your sales, but it might not be the reason someone is following you on social media.

The level of "too promotional" will depend on your brand and what you are trying to promote. But simply remember that your followers want to get to know you (at least a little) on some level. Use social media to leverage your personality in a positive way that reflects what your brand is all about.

Social media can really send your brand to the next level. Your online profile represents who you are in the real world and should be honest and true to who you really are. While these don'ts are pretty important, remember that there are many more "rules" to the social media marketing strategy that need to be considered before you jump in to marketing yourself online.

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Comment below and let me know of some of the mistakes that you've made during your social media strategy creation.