Getting Creative with your Planner

I've always been a digital person. But my love for paper is still there. I want to make something beautiful and be able to flip through the pages and remember every moment of it. That's why I loved scrap-booking, but I find that I need something a little more simpler to fit into my busy life. That's why I have a paper planner--to get creative!

I use a MAMBI planner (aka Me & My Big Ideas). I absolutely am in love with it. It is a cheaper alternative to the very popular Erin Condren, and is just as beautiful! My favorite part about this planner is that you can pop the pages out as your work. It runs on an arc system, so anything from Staples' Arc line you can find will pop in to this planner with ease.

So, this is what I do to keep creative, and satisfy my hunger to cut up some paper and stick on pretty stickers. I use my MAMBI planner to scrapbook my week. I don't necessarily use my planner on a daily basis (that's what my Outlook calendar is for) but I love that I have set up a special time just for me to sit down, get creative, and plan out my week.

Each week has a theme. I take a look at some stickers online (Etsy is my favorite place to find stickers for this--simply search for "Erin Condren Stickers") and peruse through my ever growing pile of stickers that I already own. The week shown above is themed for fall. I know I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it got a little chilly this weekend and got me super pumped for fall. I couldn't help myself with this October Spread from MissSabineElise on Etsy.

Another great resource to have when you're getting crafty in your planner is Washi Tape. If you've never heard of this stuff then boy are you out of the loop. Washi Tape is beautifully designed removable tape that has tons of different colors and designs for all of your needs. I have some in green patterns, every color of the rainbow, and some Halloween ones like I used above.

I like using my planner to scrapbook my days. It will be a great thing for me to keep a hold of and look back on someday. I even have the opportunity to print pictures on sticker paper for my planner, which is what I plan to do with the monthly view pages in this calendar.

Plan with me videos are all the rage on YouTube at the moment. And I'd really like to jump in on this bandwagon. What do you guys think? Is this something you'd like to see? I just got a new camera (can you tell from the beautiful looking images????), and I'm dying to start shooting for YouTube again. I think this might be something I could do.

If you'd be interested in watching a Plan With Me video, then leave a comment below letting me know. Also, if you use a planner and want to share what your spread looks like this week with me, then tweet your pictures at me with this hashtag #PlanWithDanyell! I'll retweet everyone!