August 2015 Goals

July has been an amazing month, which means I cannot wait for August. I have so many goals and ideas and wonderful plans stored up, eeek, I just can't wait. This past month I kept to my blogging schedule, created an entirely new website, and started up with my Newsletter again. Boy, oh, boy do I have big shoes to fill for next month.

What you might have missed last month:

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Last month's goals:

+ Read a book.
I'm getting closer to finally crossing this goals off my my list. I've found a few books that I am really enjoying and I just can't pick one. Maybe by the time next month comes around I'll have finished them all.
+ Take at least one picture a day.
I have been able to accomplish this goal because I've been trying to post to Instagram once a day. This helps remind me to take pictures and capture all of the memories.
+ Journal daily.
Again, we're getting their. I use Tumblr to journal off and on, and I am really enjoying it.
+ Train the puppy to lay down.
This is harder than it sounds when you have a Jack Russell Terrier.
+ Drink more water.
Now that I've moved, I have a special room just as my office for work and blogging. I find that drinking water is harder because I have to remember to bring water upstairs, or I'll just not drink at all.
+ Text my sister's every day.
Nope. Sorry sistas, this was a fail.

August Goals

School is starting up again soon, so I need to get a grasp on a good routine now so I don't fall out of it. I want to make sure that I continue blogging, working, and keeping you all up to date as I normally do, even when I have classes again. I have lots of things planned this month and big changes are happening. I am stoked!! These are the steps I want to make this month in order to complete my yearly goals.

+ Gain 20 Twitter followers.
+ Contact school organizations and get the ball rolling.
+ Try out a new bar in Bloomington.
+ Gain at least one more Social Media client.
+ Finally complete a book.
+ Finish decorating my office.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?