How to Add Hours to Your Day

Making the most of the time you have to accomplish things everyday is a huge factor to how you will feel about yourself. Getting things done, especially right in the morning, increases productivity throughout the entire rest of your day and week!

While I know I haven't been the best at managing my time lately, I really want to get a jump into the month of July and start planning and getting back into the routine that I used to have. I've transfered my goals from last month over to this month and am totally revved up and ready to go--if you haven't read my goals for July you can find them here!

So, let's get motivated together. First, imagine you just found out that you have an additional hour in your day that you did not have yesterday--what would you do differently? What would you accomplish? Having goals and an idea of how you are going to use your time is key in managing your daily tasks. Keep all of this in mind while we go through some amazing tips for time management.

Relax at the end of the day, not the beginning.

I enjoy spending a little extra time in bed, and I'm sure everyone does too. But spending that extra half hour staring at the ceiling while I slowly wake myself up is totally unproductive and not conducive for a day where I am determined to get things done. If you're going to spend some time lounging about it is better to do it at the end of the day, after you feel accomplished and have gotten things done, rather than at the beginning of the day. If you're not a morning person (like me) check out these tips! And if you need help creating a morning routine, check out mine for some inspiration.

Create routines.

If you're doing something over again then make it a routine. Figure out what works best for you and do it like a ritual. After completing a routine the same way for two weeks it will basically be ingrained in you. Does it make you feel sane to create lists every morning? Make it a routine. Wash your sheets every other Tuesday? Make that part of a routine and don't forget it! Check out some of my routines:
          -Morning Routine
          -Workout Routine
          -Night time Routine

Fill out your daily planner the night before.

Whether you're a digital planner person or you're in love with the old fashion feel of writing things down, make sure you take the time to sit down before bed and go over what's in your planner. Transfer the to-do items that you didn't get done today to the next day and think about everything that you have to do after a good night's sleep. I've heard that this nightly step helps a lot of people who struggle with anxiety to feel calm and in control before they go to sleep. Plus, you won't be waking up to a surprise appointment in the morning because you checked your schedule the night before.

Create a master grocery list.

Food is a big part of your life. Think about it-- you're eating at least 3 times a day, and maybe even more if you consider snacks. So in order to save time, make your meals and grocery shopping the easiest parts of your day. Have you ever tried meal prepping? This could be a good way to jump start into creating a master grocery list and battling the stress of shopping. A master list has everything that you ever need on a daily basis. Here are my tips for meal planning and grocery shopping: A Healthy Girl's Shopping List and 5 Tips for Better Meal Planning.

Now you're ready to get that to-do list done with ease! Get rid of the silly cumbersome tasks and create routines or accomplish things ahead of time. If you get up on your game then there's no way you can fail. Stay tuned for the rest of July as I delve further into planning, time management, and getting things done!

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