June 2015 Goals

My blog seems to be getting more and more sparse, I came back to blogging ready to tackle it all again with a new redesign, a new theme, and a new goal. Three months have passed am I'm already letting my life slip away. There's just always so much going on. What keeps you busy?

What you might have missed last month:

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Last month's goals:

+ Read a book.
This has been on my goals list for TWO MONTHS now. I am kind of terrible a making time to read. When I have time off I prefer to watch YouTube or catch up on some Netflix shows, but I know how important it is to read--so, I must keep trying.
+ Take at least one picture a day.
Nope. Fail. Try again.
+ Work less from home.
I wanted to work more from the office because it helps me stay focused and get less distracted. I've actually worked a lot lately and have taken the time to go into the office. Mission complete!
+ Gain 20 Twitter followers.
I gained 7... it's a start. Let's keep it going!!
+ Try two new coffee shops.
I tried one new coffee shop lately called Hopscotch. It was so absolutely cute and hipster and absolutely awesome. I'll definitely be going back.
+ Create an awesome summer routine.
Thing are going great. I need to finagle more time to blog and sit down at my desk, but everything else it going really well in life, and I am so happy.

June Goals 

June is my birthday month and this time around I can legally drink!! Woohoo. So things are going to be quite fun this month. I have a lot of events planned and need to attend. There are going to be tons of new experiences this month, and I can't wait to see where everything leads me. These are the steps I want to make this month in order to complete my yearly goals.

+ Read a book.
+ Take at least one picture a day.
+ Journal daily.
+ Train the puppy to lay down.
+ Launch the new design for TNB.
+ Drink more water.
+ Text my sister's every day.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are hoping to accomplish this month. Have you set goals for yourself?

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