A Sensational Summer

Summer is so much better than any other season. Okay, I'm probably biased since it's when my birthday is, but hey that makes it good too! I really feel so much happier and better when the sun is shining down on me, and I'm always on the go. So, creating a routine is ideal if I want to accomplish all my plans while it's still hot!

Make something Monday.

On Mondays let's make something. Summer is a time to get creative, get crafty, and let those innovative juices flow. While I don't make an extravagant craft every Monday I try to do something with my hands--whether it be make a fun lunch, or surprise my boo with a made bed.

Try something Tuesday.

I absolutely love trying new things. I try new things on a daily basis, but I try especially hard to branch out and do something new on Tuesdays. A new song, a new book, a new restaurant (my fav), or even a new workout.

Wander somewhere Wednesday.

Since the weather is nice, why not go outside. There are fabulous places to visit around my area, so I definitely want to get out and take advantage of the beauty. No matter what though, go somewhere. It can be to the pool, across the street to the park, around the block, etc.

Thoughtful Thursday.

I took this idea from a blog article I was reading earlier--its always a good idea to think of others every single day of the week, but I want to try and make sure to do something special for someone that I am thankful for on every Thursday. I like to bake cookies or maybe someday I'll write a card.

Fun Friday.

I know what you're thinking--Danyell, this whole week seems fun. And it is!! But this day has no guidelines, no format, and no plan at all. I wanted a day during the week that I could do whatever the heck I wanted. And hey, it's my summer schedule, why not?!

I challenge you to make a schedule of your own. Figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle. And don't forget to share it with me on Twitter--if you send me a link I'll be sure to retweet it!

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