The Best LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has millions of users (277 million to be exact). And somewhere near 2 new users join every single second! So, if you're looking to make an impression in the world by letting them know of your skills and finding amazing job opportunities then this social site is where you need to be. Are paper resumes even enough anymore?

Making an account isn't enough anymore--if you want to stand out in the crowd then your profile needs to be pro level, and your engagement on the site has to be top notch! It is vital to optimize your profile whether you're looking for a new job, working on your personal brand, or jut expanding your network.

I used to think having a profile was all you need on LinkedIn, and I still struggle posting content and sharing articles, but engaging with other users and generating posts that showcase your abilities and professional ideas are key in succeeding at getting noticed on LinkedIn.

I've already done a post that showcased some amazing LinkedIn Tip and Tricks, but I wanted to provide an easy to use checklist for all of you starting your career search. I'm on my way to trying to find a full time job that can pay the bills for the first couple of years after I graduate, so I understand it can be a struggle. LinkedIn can really help as long as you use it to it's full potential.

This is a list of some things that you really need to make sure you master and perfect in order to get noticed on LinkedIn.

Download it here!
What are some of the best tips that you do to succeed at getting noticed on LinkedIn? Leave your tips and tricks in the comment section below! And don't forget to share my checklist on Pinterest.

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