Common Interview Mistakes

People make mistakes all the time. But the most important part of a mistake is the recovery. If you are aware of the awkward things you do or the bad talking habit you have, then you are well on your way to fixing your mistakes in the future. Hiring coordinators, on average, know whether or not they will hire someone in the first 90 seconds of an interview!

Can I just throw some facts at you today? I want to educate you all on some common mistakes that are made at lots of job interviews. Like I said earlier, just being knowledgeable about what you could possible do wrong will make you more conscious of that act and try to avoid it. Let's give it a try.

Nonverbal interview mistakes.

Top 10 common mistakes.

- 21% of people play with their hair or touch their face.
- 47% of people have little to no knowledge about the company.
- 67% fail to make regular eye contact.
- 38% of people forget to smile.
- 33% have bad posture.
- 21% cross their arms over there chest.
- 9% of people use too many hand gestures.
- 26% make a handshake that is too weak.
- 33% fidget too much.
- Failing to ask for the job.
- Failing to set yourself apart form other candidates.
- "Winging" the interview and not being prepared.
- Try to be all things to all people.
- Concentrating too much on what you want.
- Inadequate research about potential employer.
- Not showing enough interest or enthusiasm.
- Lacking humor, warmth, or personality.
- Conveying that you're not over it your last job.
- Over-explaining why you are getting a new job.

Click here if you want to know where I got these facts and details. If you're interviewing soon, don't worry, you got this! Make sure to learn more about the organization that you are interviewing with and have a specific job in mind. Also review the qualifications for the job and make sure your strengths are well suited for the work.

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