The Beauty Within

We all have to take a step back from the mascara and lipstick and mirrors that we all equate with standards of beauty. We remember that beauty begins from within. Beauty can't come to your exterior without your interior being healthy as well. We can all refocus our beauty efforts by recreating our own healthy standards for ourselves.

For me, it is feeling centered and relaxed with Yoga. I am an anxious person but when I am in a yoga class I couldn't feel more centered and relaxed. I also have taken the first steps to create a healthier eating plan for myself. I love the book, Eat Pretty- Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out. I would definitely suggest picking up a copy of this book!

In the beginning of the book it says, "I'll help you identify the foods, habits, and thoughts that have been holding you back from your most beautiful life, and teach you the basic ways to nourish radiance from the inside. Radiant beauty is your best accessory." I don't know how you feel about that quote but I couldn't agree more! Radiance is something that comes from within. So, check out the book and, like the quote says, she will show you everything you can do to encourage your radiance through nutrition.

Eat Pretty discusses a few steps for each season and has a ton of fun and useful recipes for beauty treatments and yummy meals. My favorite spring recipes are for your "beauty intentions" section. Number 5, Reduce Toxins, is probably my absolute favorite. It is all about reducing out consumption of processed and pesticide-laden foods--this is one of the most effective ways to detox. Simple reduction of our intake of these toxins is difficult in our consumption-driven American culture but times are changing and nutrition is becoming more of a priority. It is all about what you feel is right for you. Get it girl!


Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Amanda Dare Dougherty! I am the Co-Owner of The New Blak. I have been married to my husband Ryan for about a year and a half. We have two kittens named Simba and Nala! I love going to the movies and yoga. Oh, and did I mention... I have the best friends and family in the world! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

What do you do to live a healthy life?
Living a healthy lifestyle has been a bit of a struggle for me. I used to work in a mall setting with food court temptations every day, which I have given in to on some occasions. I found that working for other companies also brought on a lot of unwanted stress and then came the stress eating... Needless to say, I needed to make a change in my lifestyle! I quit my retail job a few weeks ago to follow my dreams of owning my own business again! I decided to make over my life so I began going to the gym more regularly. I am trying to teach myself how to relax and love going to yoga to calm my nerves. I am working in the little things too... When I go to the store I now park in the back of the parking lot and go down ever isle to get a little more walking in, too. I have found that small changes make a bigger difference long term than crazy workouts or diets. Health is more important than I give it credit and I am determined to make it a priority for life.

What are some of your goals for this year?
This year I have a few silly goals. One is to work out my ankles... Haha! (Sounds so weird when I see it in writing.) What I really mean is strengthen my joints and tone my muscles. I have a really hard time wearing heels at the moment so that was my real motivation! My first goal is to comfortably wear heels at New Year's Eve this year.
I also just want to make yoga more of a priority in my life! I really have a strong work eithic and when I am not working I feel lost because I can't relax. I have found that yoga is the thing that relaxes me the most! Therefore, if I can relax my mind I can be a better caregiver for myself and other areas of health will follow!