An At-Home Workout Routine

Working out can be a real pain if you aren't really into what you're doing. Setting a goal for yourself, creating a solid routine, and making sure you are forcing yourself to be accountable are all key for insuring that you will workout on a regular basis and feel good about what you're doing. A healthy life is a happy life--so, today I am going to share with you my routine, strategies, and favorite music to listen to!

It took my nearly three months to figure out what I needed to do on a regular basis in order to stay moving and feel like my workout wasn't too daunting. The more I get into my daily workout the more steps in my routine I add; however, keeping it simple at first is what really encouraged me to wake up and workout.

Create a routine.

My routine starts with deciding whether I want to go outside or stay inside. I have a really tiny apartment, but making sure my simple workout was able to be done in my small living room was a necessity (because I HATE going the the gym--who's with me?). After the decision has been made I follow my workout routine checklist and just dive right in!

Download the pdf here!

Add it to your schedule.

After you create a routine it's going to do no good if you can't find a time to fit it into your day. Personally, I like working out in the morning--I would prefer to wake up just a bit earlier to get a nice workout in than worry about coming home from a busy day to do even more moving about. But, find what works for YOU and mark it in your planner!

Make yourself accountable.

Setting a goal is the way that I keep myself accountable because when I am not on track towards that goal I start feeling down and work harder the next day. This doesn't always work for everyone so try and find what is best for you. Post pictures, make a workout journal, or inspire your partner or friend to work along side you, just make yourself accountable and force yourself to move a little every day!

Find some rockin' music.

Working out is no fun unless you can drown out the sound of your heavy breathing with some music that keeps you energizing and pumped. My music taste is super eclectic and really can't be categorized into any one genre, but I've gathered all my favorite songs of March into one playlist for you all to check out. Let me know what your favorites are in the comment section below!

Whatever you do, do it because you want to! Working out should be about making yourself feel better. I hope that my tips can help you accomplish that little bit of movement your body desires every day. Tell me about your workout in the comment section below. What music do you listen to?