A Healthy Girl's Shopping List

Let's make shopping easy. Grabbing groceries is something we typically do on a weekly basis, so why does it have to be a daunting task? It doesn't! Is shopping for healthy food a little pricey and a bit too stressful? Some of my tips and tricks that I am going to share with you might make your day at the grocery store a little more productive, healthy, and down right better.

1. Start with a meal plan.

The other day I talked all about how I meal plan every week in order to stay healthy and keep myself prepared. Staying healthy is so much easier when you know what to expect and are thinking about the meal ahead. In the end, it also helps you save money while grocery shopping because you know what you need and you can stick to it.

2. Create a master list.

A master grocery list has everything on it that you will ever need to buy. This really comes in handy before you leave the house to check over your condiments--the things that you might not think of when you're doing the meal planning. A master grocery list won't likely cover the ingredients you need for every meal, but it'll keep tabs on the things that you regularly need even when they aren't directly in your meal plan.

3. Spend most of your money on produce.

Cut back on meat! During the week I like to really try to be vegetarian and that helps me stay healthy and eat fresh. Meat is one of the most expensive items on your shopping list, so instead, spend most of your money on fresh produce. Buy as much fruit and as many vegetables as your budget allows because despite what many people think, produce does keep you full. Here are a few things you can do with a ton of produce:
     -fruit salad
     -vegetable chili
     -vegetable stir fry
     -veggies and hummus
     -fruit smoothies

4. Keep the junk out of your house.

I understand this can be so hard! But you can't say you want to be healthy and then continue buying things like Little Debbie's and Oreos. If junk food is in your house now--toss it ASAP. If the junk food belongs to your roommates, then try and keep it out of sight. The easier it is for you to eat crappy food then the more likely you are going to do it. But, if you have to work hard to get your hands on it, then you can think about the repercussions before the act.

5. Shop in season.

When it comes to most produce, there is a good time to buy and a bad time to buy. Try to always shop in-season in order to get the best savings. Check out this in-season produce guide to figure out what the best items to buy are each month. Stick to these items only in order to pay as little as you can on your produce purchases.

6. Check out farmers' markets.

Where I live, markets are every where on the streets, especially in the warmer seasons. Buying groceries from farmers' markets is not just a way to support your local farmers, but you can often save a bunch of money on your purchases there, too. However, get comfortable shopping around and finding your "favorite farmer."

I know sometimes I'm not near as healthy as I should be, but using these tips and tricks while shopping really helps me stay on track. Also, I've been looking for some healthy meal ideas--if you know of some you want to share don't forget to comment below!