UPDATE: I'm still here

Copied from my old blog:

Hello All!!

WOW, long time no see. I think even people who are close to me have been waiting for this post.... an update. I can't say I'm back to my blog for good, but I can fill you in on why my postings are so sporadic.

If you follow me on my other social media channels then you might have a slight idea about where I've been, what I'm doing, and why I haven't been on my blog.

Anyways, where to begin? I haven't blogged since December!!

I am taking five classes this semester which means 15 credit hours. Not too bad of a load. Intensive Writing, Intro to Programming Languages, Human-Computer Interaction and Design. One of my classes, Careers in SoIC, is an 8 weeks course that only meets once a week and another class, Big Data, is online and rarely does much of anything. Therefore, I've had a lot of  time to focus on other things and have very little stress with school.

Next, pictured above, you can see me and these three other lovely ladies. We all write for WeAreIU as bloggers and connected via that site. These past couple months we teamed up and started a brand new club at Indiana University! We are the leaders of the Marketing Technology club (I'm the VP of Operations and Community Involvement). We started this club as a way to bring together two channels that mean so much in the real world, but often aren't taught together in schools--marketing and technology. Alyssa, Emma, Gillian, and I are hoping that through this club we can teach other individuals, clubs, organizations, and companies how to market themselves effectively in the online world.

I'm super excited for this journey with our new club and can't wait for it to become something really spectacular at IU. We had our first call-out meeting yesterday and are already teaming up with some awesome community organizations!!

At the end of last year I got the opportunity to interview with University Information Technology Services' IT Training Department as a Education Communication Workshop Intern. The interview went great! However, a week or two later they called me and told me that they had picked another candidate who had credentials more suitable for the position, BUT they also told me that they really felt a connection and interest in my personality and wanted me on their team. They hired me to work in the classrooms as a Workshop Assistant, and also, gave me the opportunity to get involved with their social media. I currently assist about two workshops a week (in class and online) and keep their social media networks up to date on a daily basis.

I love what I'm doing for IT Training and have literally poured all of my time and effort into researching, learning, and becoming the best Social Media Marketer that I can for them. If you'd like, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, take a look at our pictures on Instagram, and read all of the posts on our blog.

As for my old job, Charlotte Russe: Last time you read my blog you probably knew that I was working for Charlotte Russe, a girls clothing store in the Bloomington mall. I was a supervisor there and really enjoyed spending my time with the wonderful girls who worked alongside me, but sadly, when I got the job with IT Training I decided to step away in order to really focus on the job. I want to make my time with IT Training something that can turn into a career, or lead me down the path of becoming a social media guru with another company. Therefore, I need to focus souly on my work their and not try to juggle too many jobs at once. I still love the girls from Charlotte Russe, and some of them are my best friends. So, I stop by all of the time and am keeping really close! Maybe I can still pick up some shifts during the holidays :)

What's going on at home? Not much! Most of my life is spent running around. But, there have still been some big changes that I have never shared with you all.

Meet Zephyr.

With all this running around, Zoey needed a friend. Zephyr is a Jack Russell Terrier just like his big sis, except with short hair instead of Zoey's scruffy long hair. We got him way back in November when he was just over a month old. He's grown a bit since, learned some new tricks, and mastered the art of really irritating his big sister (as the little brother should). When Sky and I are away, Zephyr can keep Zoey company and vise versa! It's been one hell of a ride, but we love this new little Tasmanian devil.

Skylar got a new job.

In spring  of 2014 Skylar graduated from college, and he's been on the job hunt ever since. After applying to a couple places and two days before Christmas, Skylar got a call from the Department of Corrections who offered him a job. It was such a great Christmas present! Sky got to start soon after our Christmas break was over and just finished his training last week. It's a bit of a commute for him and has created a tiny obstacle for us, but it's all been a great learning experience and has sent us, as a family, on an entirely new journey!

I can almost guarantee that I'm missing something that I need to tell you all, but you're filled in more now than you were before! If you have any questions or comments about anything don't hesitate to shoot me an email or just use the comment section below.

Life is a journey, and I'm taking it all one step at a time. I love you all!