What I've Learned This Week

Copied from my old blog:

Hey guys! I'm BAACCKKK

This new segment is something that I am hoping to publish ever Friday morning for you (since I have gobs of time to do nothing during my midnight shift)! It'll kind of be like a chance to do my weekly recaps again without having to attach a video every time; however, sometimes when I feel like doing another weekly or daily vlog, this will be the post in which you can find links to those videos on youtube.

So, without further ado--here's all the good stuff... everything I learned this week!!

Credit Cards are cool
I finally got accepted to get a Discover card, and I received mine in the mail just the other day. Don't fret, I'm responsible and understand how they work! I will be using mine to build credit--I feel like such an adult.

I am taking a cognitive neuro science class as an credit for my psychology cognate. So far, it's really entertaining and my prof seems to be super understanding. He makes 8am classes fun and eye opening. Yesterday I learned what Agnosia is. It's a disorder whereby people cannot identify objects or see what the meaning of a visual object is. Some really interesting variations include: prosopagnosia-difficulty recognizing faces, alexia-difficulty recognizing words, or even zooagnosia and vegetagnosia! Check out this video we watched in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aplTvEQ6ew

There are 4 types of gamers
The achiever, socializer, explorer, and killer! Which are you? In my game design class we talked about games that appeal to only a specific type of gamer and others that appeal to multiple. Today's articles go more in depth and talk about eight or so different types of people who play games, but for the most part I like these four categories!

Sleep is not necessary
As most of you know, I have really been MIA for a long time. Every time I come back I have excuses for why I've been gone for so long, but they basically entail all the same things--I've been busy with work and school! I have two jobs now (which equals about 40 hours a week) plus school work on top of all that. My job with UITS TCC consists of one midnight shift from 12a-8a! This means I have really learned how to function on literally no sleep. All nighters are becoming a habit now.