Things I am thankful for [Tuesday Twenty]

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters,

Some times it's good to take a long look at the things you have and reflect. Every single day I am taking things for granted because they are so second nature to me; however, its not this way for everyone.

Today I just wanted to take some time out of my day to be conscious of the things, people, and opportunities that I have that others might now. I am so very thankful for all of this!!

Things I am Thankful For

My TV - I am currently using my television as a second monitor for my laptop, and I have never been more thankful to have it! It's made all of my internet related things so much easier and even better.

My iPad - This is my life. If you know me well you know I never go anywhere without my iPad. I use it as a planner, a notetaker, a file sharer, and nearly everything you can think of.

A summer vacation - Recently I went to North Carolina with SkyCzar and his family. It was a blast, and it also made me realize how lucky I am to have had that opportunity to get away from work and stress for awhile. 

My Dr. Marten boots - I know, I know. It's summer time! But boots are still an essential. I am so thankful that my grandma got me these amazing Dr. Martens for Christmas because they are hard core and totally necessary.

A place to sleep at night - My bed isn't some fancy four post king or anything; however, I realize that I am still lucky to have a comfy place to lay my head at night (and at 2 in the afternoon if I need a nap, haha).

My Charlotte Russe watch - A must. It's nothing crazy expensive or a super nice metal, but I love my watch.

My glasses - The other day when I was reaching for my glasses I suddenly became aware that not every has glasses when they can't see. Some countries and struggling families don't have these commodities that I take for granted. That's why I am thankful for my glasses.

Eos lip balm - I just like it. I just couldn't live without it.

My camera - I own a very nice camera, and I use it every day. Sometimes I don't think about how lucky I am to have something like this.

My computer - Again, I own a very high class laptop that is worth a lot of money. I love my apple products and couldn't live without my computer. 

My iPhone - I think everyone who has a phone often takes it for granted. In my area, nearly all people have a phone to use whenever they are out, and a lot of those people also have phones with access to the internet. I couldn't leave the house (oh who am I kidding, I don't even leave a room) without my phone. 

Blogger - My blog has changed my life. I couldn't have created all of the content that I have without this website. I am so grateful for blogger!

My boyfriend and his loving company - I am so thankful to have this hunky man in my life! I love having him around and am so lucky to be able to spend every day with him.

My job at Charlotte Russe - I never thought I would like this job so much. But with this new promotion came lots of new opportunities, and I have never felt so lucky! The girls there are awesome, and I can't wait for more fun times.

Indiana University - Not a lot of people get the opportunity to go to a university. I am so thankful that I get financial aid to help me through this expensive journey.

A car - It's not my car, but Skylar lets me use it.

Zellest and World of Warcraft - Okay, so I am obsessed with Zellest...I will never have a love like this for another character. I only play her (most of the time) on WoW. I love having a virtual world that I can go to when this world just isn't working out for me. Plus, I'm way awesome-er in WoW.

My Family - Even though I don't see them often, I am thankful that they are there when I need them and will love me no matter how long it's been. - Mostly I am just grateful for this site because of my Kindle. I am addicted to reading lately, and I love how I can make wish lists, order books, and do lots of other things from this site.

My Razer Naga mouse - I splurged on this mouse last year around this time when I was still unsure about my love for WoW. Thankfully, I love the game and I couldn't imagine playing it without my Naga.

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I love you all! Peace OUT