Getting my first tattoo

Copied from my old blog:

Good morning critters!

A little over a week ago now I got my very first tattoo!! If you follow me on Instagram, twitter, or basically any other social media you should already know this... I have been pumped about this appointment for months.

For my birthday gift, my mom was so nice as to help me pay for this tattoo. We took a trip to a tat place in Valpo! My mom got her tattoo on her calf touched up that she has had for about 4 or 5 years, and I got my very first tattoo.

The picture above is from right after I got it done and was taken with my phone (so please excuse the redness and bad quality of the image).

I plan on getting a lot more tattoos--this one was just a start to my already planned out sleeve. The hummingbird is a beautiful symbol that to me represents my mom. I was so thankful that she got to come along with me on this special day and witness me getting my tattoo for her.

My mom always has been in to birds since before I can remember. She has a bird book that has images and descriptions of all sorts of birds around the world. We used to use the book together to look up all sorts of birds that we saw flying around our house. That is why the hummingbird is so symbolic to me. It is my moms favorite bird and one of mine as well!

To see snippets of the process during my tattoo experience check out the video below!