Getting Creative

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

Sometimes I fall into a rut... I find myself only getting on my blog on Tuesdays in order to write my #TuesdayTwenty posts. But, that's not good.

So, I asked myself--What more could I write about? But OMG that was a stupid question!

There is always inspiration for me to write. And so many things that I need to be telling you all. AT ALL TIMES.

And so now you're all like, "Well Zell, then why did you question what you should be doing on this blog?" I've decided that this rut exists because I need to be more creative.

Looking on Pinterest for inspiration (it's what I do best), I discovered this wonderful info graphic that really inspired me to be happy, playful, and fun more often. Remember when you were like four, and everything about life astounded you. There was a never bored moment for little Danyell when she was barefoot outside.

I decided I wanted that little kid life back, and this info graphic really inspired me to get creative... so, here we go!!

P.S. It's not really a Tuesday Twenty... more like a Tuesday 29 :)


I hope this graphic can impact you as much as it did me! Have a great rest of your wonderful days!!

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I love you all! Peace OUT