What's with the lips?

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Hey critters!
A lot of times I get asked, "what's with the lips?" and for a while, I did not know what they represented. The lips that now symbolize my blog meant so much to me and I didn't really know why. After lots of thought I figured it all out!
Pasted below is a paper that I wrote for one of my informatics class about evocative objects. I wanted to share this with you all today because I thought that it perfectly captured my thoughts and feelings behind the reasoning of my lips logo.
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INFO-I 202 Assignment #2- Evocative Objects
It was spring of 2013, school was wrapping up and summer was just around the corner. After living with my boyfriend for the entire spring semester, I was not ready to part my ways and had no intention of spending this summer at my parents’ house. Making the decision to stay in Bloomington left me with such an open schedule that I quickly began realizing that I desperately needed to find activities to pass the time. I got a part-time job, became more enraptured with my video games, and trained our dog numerous tricks, but that still wasn’t enough. On Wednesday, May 1, 2013 I wrote my first blog post, which now marks the birthday of Danyzell.
As a beginner to the blogging world, I didn’t know much, but I loved the site that I had created—simple red background, black Arial text, a title that said “Danyzell’s Blog,” and a graphic of bright red lips. As I improved my editing, designing, and blogging skills in general, many things changed; however, those lips still stuck around. Originally, they were just a fad, an image that I liked, and something that I thought would change. Now, those lips represent me, they represent a certain time in my life, and they represent who I am, where I’ve come from, and how I’ve changed.
My blog was intended to be something that would make me busy, keep my parents and other family members in touch as I was away, and allow me to express myself in a different way. Little did I know, that Danyzell and her bright red lips would change my life forever. I loved the Internet, I loved technology, and I loved learning everything new about the way the world was headed. This got me involved in Informatics. Blogging changed my major! I got a whole new outlook on life and had a whole new way of thinking about my future. When I see those bright red lips, that’s what I think about—technology, my school, and my life ahead of me.
Sometime in July, I scheduled to meet with a School of Informatics and Computing Advisor. I was entering my sophomore year, was originally a Psychology B.A., and was worried I couldn’t or shouldn’t switch majors. I was changing who I thought I had wanted to be for years! Entering the Informatics and Computing school for the first time to talk with that advisor was a big wake-up call—why was I so worried? This place was perfect, and I did not want to leave. I came with my nice jeans on, a black blazer, and those signature bright red lips painted on my face. I was confident, and new that this is where I wanted to be. Because of these lips, I will never forget that time in my life.
My lips may have started out as a symbol for my blog, but now they have so many memories. Sharing the stories, pictures, and videos with my viewers has brought me great joy. I love to hear that my old high school friends are keeping up with me on my blog, that my family is reading every post, and that new people are discovering my writing and loving what I do. Having that opportunity to let it all out, tell everyone who I am, and show my true self has changed me for the better. When I see those bright red lips, that’s what I think about—my happiness, my growth, and my confidence.
Before blogging, I wouldn’t have necessarily called myself shy, and I don’t think other people would have either. But, I just wasn’t who I wanted to be. I was holding something back. Whether it was the fear of judgment or the lack of knowing who I truly was, I was not the person I am today. Having the opportunity to flaunt those bright red lips, write about anything I wanted, and share who I was gave me the chance to grow. I developed confidence in my actions and a kind of ability to not care so much about what other people thought. The lips that were supposed to just be a simple graphic for my blog title were now who I am. They remind me of the time when I did not have the confidence to speak up in front of everyone, and also the moment in which I did. They connect me to many occasions of cautiousness and fear, excitement and shock, happiness and joy. These lips simultaneously link who I was, who I am, and who I am becoming.
The bright red lips that I often wear on my face and are showcased on my blog are an evocative object that link me to technology, society, and memories. They have become a symbol that connects me, reminds me, and changes my views of myself, my feelings, my life and so much more.

I just wanted to thank you all again for supporting me, making me feel happy, and changing my life forever!

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I love you all! Peace OUT