Tuesday Twenty-- Twenty ways to get happy and stay happy

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Hey critters!

This week's Tuesday Twenty is brought to you by the New York Times Lists. They make all kinds of lists about all kinds of interesting things.

This is one of their lists that I wanted to share... To read more, check out their website.

Here's this week's Tuesday Twenty:

Twenty ways to get happy and stay happy
  1. Count your blessings.
  2. Hear the music.
  3. Snog. Canoodle. Get it on!
  4. Nurture your spirituality.
  5. Move your booty.
  6. Laugh big.
  7. Do something nice for someone else.
  8. Make more money than your peers.
  9. Seek positive emotion as a path to success.
  10. Identify with your heritage.
  11. Use a happy memory as a guide.
  12. Play the part of an optimist.
  13. Try new things.
  14. Tell your story to someone.
  15.  Balance work and home.
  16.  Be like the Danes: keep expectations realistic.
  17. Make time.
  18. Visualize happiness.
  19. Smile.
  20. Marry happy.

You can accomplish these things and be happy. And why not be happy--being happy is your choice!

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