Day 1--Your current relationship [January 30 Day Challenge]

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was accepting the challenge to post every day; however, not every post will appear on my blog. To see them all you can check out my tumblr account!

For today’s post, I have been instructed to discuss My Current Relationship.

I really like this opportunity to discuss my relationship with SkyCzar because it is something I wouldn't normally talk about. I would not typically describe myself as someone who is public about their feelings. Yes, everyone who knows me knows I love my boyfriend very much, but I am thrilled to tell you all our story and express my feelings.

Sky and I have been dating since May of 2010. I was a sophomore in high school and he was a senior.  In a school as small as the one we attended I can’t exactly pin point the first time we ever met because everyone just seems to know everyone. However, Sky and I first clicked and got to know each other when he was a teacher's assistant in my chemistry class. We flirted and caused distractions in class (sorry Mr. Ralstin), and we hit it off.

Our first date was on a weekday after track practice when I got the guts to text him and ask him out for ice cream. And the rest of that was history…

Sadly, we had a falling out my senior year. To this day though I will still say that that was the best thing for us ever. The 6 month long break up that we had allowed us to grow individually. We became who we wanted to be without the other person which made our relationship better when we came back together.

The spring semester of my freshman year in college was when SkyCzar and I got back together again. We have made great strides together since then including moving in together, getting a dog together, and making tons of memories.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the way we are today, and I am sure Sky would say the same. He is the perfect man for me, and as cliché as it is we truly complete each other!

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