It's that time of year

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!

So, I bet a lot of you are wondering what happened to this week's Tuesday Twenty... and I am sorry to say that it just isn't going to happen.
This week and next week are packed full of finals, test, and huge papers as this semester is wrapping up. I have been very overwhelmed with headaches and stress. I just don't think that I am willing to add to all that pain at the moment until this semester is over. I am sorry to all of you guys who were expecting posts.

However, on the plus side, next weekend Sky and I are going to be heading back to our hometown. As for this blog, I have a lot of plans to make each post even more awesome than the one before. Would you guys like to see lots of daily vlogs? What else do you want to see?

Thanks for sticking through this rough time with me!

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I love you all! Peace OUT