Christmas Tree Hunting (11-30-13) Vlog

Copied from my old blog:

Good morning critters!

This past weekend I went out with SkyCzar's family to pick out the most perfect Christmas tree to be showcased at their place. It was such a blast because I always enjoy every moment that I spend with his family. His sister SaraBelle encouraged me to vlog about this moment and take lots of pictures to share with you guys... so, I did :)
Before you watch the video though, I think that it is important to note the things that we were looking for in our perfect tree:
  1. Size-- well, first price. This is something to consider because the bigger the tree the more it costs; therefore, we chose to go with a tree that would stand about 6 feet tall.
  2. Shape-- this is one of the most important criteria. We didn't want a tree that was too fat at the top or too skinny at the bottom. Finding a tree that had the standard Christmas tree shape was crucial for us.
  3. Fullness-- having a couple holes in the tree's figure isn't a big issue if they are all on one side and can be hidden by the wall in your house; however, we wanted to make sure that the tree was a fluffy and full as possible!
  4. Texture-- there are all sorts of pine trees out there for one to pick from! I mean like for real, there are so many different styles. This year we chose to stick with a more original tree that represents what most people picture when they think of a Christmas tree.
Along with the tree shopping we got to taste some super delicious apple cider, puffy popcorn, and take pictures with Santa! The place that we go to every year is really nice and family friendly (of course), so if you have any questions feel free to comment or shoot me an email.
I think that the video compilation of my images and footage turned out really great! Please watch the video that I have below and enjoy!

By the way, did you like my new Christmas themed music? I plan on using that in all of my videos for December!

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I love you all! Peace OUT