Zoey's 1st Birthday (11-14-13)

Copied from my old blog:

Hey critters!

November 14, 2013 was the first birthday of my little jack russell terrier puppy, Zoey! It was such a blast.
For Sky and I, the day started with classes, but all day we were thinking about our little baby back home. After classes we praised Zoey like mad, and loved on her for a long time! Finally, it was PetCo time! Since the store isn't far from our house we got Zoey on her leash and started walking. Zoey loved the walk and rolled in the leaves the whole way there.
While at PetCo, Zoey helped us pick out some brand new toys for her. We got three new bright orange tennis balls along with a ball slinger-thingy, a blue frisbee [fun fact], and a clicker and treat bag for training. I tried to get SkyCzar to purchase a Christmas dress for my little girl, but he didn't like that idea--maybe I can do some more convincing later, what do you think?
After the PetCo adventure, we walked home and prepared ourselves a nice dinner of chicken and green beans. However, it wouldn't be the perfect puppy birthday if we didn't give her some, too! So, Zoey got her own baby plate with a small chunk of chicken and a tiny pile of green beans. She was in heaven!
And that was about it for our birthday celebration. Zoey had a blast and so did Sky and I. Feel free to leave Zoey some birthday love in the comment section below, and I will definitely relay the message! And don't forget to watch the video for even more details and fun footage of Zoey's 1st birthday!

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I love you all! Peace OUT