Tuesday Twenty-- Reasons why I love my job at Charlotte Russe

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Good evening critters!

Today's Tuesday Twenty is something quick and easy. Considering the fact that I am going to be back home this entire week, the amount of good quality posts may be limited. However, you might want to look forward to some great things coming within the next month!
This weeks #TuesdayTwenty is something that is really easy for me to list and put down, and that is--twenty reasons I love my job at Charlotte Russe!

from our meeting we just had on Sunday

Here's this weeks Tuesday Twenty:

Twenty Reasons why I love my job at Charlotte Russe

  1. the girls I work with are absolutely gorgeous and completely stylish
  2. the amazing discount
  3. I love giving compliments to all the girls trying on clothes
  4. my managers could totally be my BFFs in real life (if that were professionally allowed)
  5. the fun music that's on all the time
  6. the CR atmosphere allows everyone (including myself) to be who we are no matter what
  7. I never get bored at work
  8. all the girls I work with love each other
  9. I get to look at cute clothes all day long
  10. ^^^and then I never have to take the time to shop anywhere else
  11. the deals at the store (whether I was an employee or not) are outstanding
  12. the amazing discount... oh wait, did I already say that
  13. my managers are so flexible and understanding when necessary
  14. I can still have time for school and work
  15. the girls who come to shop are passionate about most of the same things I love--clothes!
  16. I always have a reason to dress up
  17. there are so many different clothing options in this one store
  18. I never feel like I'm working, but I still get a paycheck :)
  19. even if I'm running around crazy busy I still love helping out every girl in the store
  20. I am making an impact on a quickly growing company!

BTW critters-- you all need to stop by a Charlotte Russe on black Friday! I'm not gonna tell you all the deals but trust me, they are pretty awesome.

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