INFO-I101 Class Project

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!

If any of you are subscribed to me on YouTube or follow me on Twitter you will have already seen that I uploaded a strange video to my account. The reason for this is that I had a project to complete for my INFO-I101 (Intro to Informatics and Computing) class. I just wanted to make sure that I share everything with all of you critters here on the blog because, not only am I am really impressed with the video, but I also just want to always keep everyone in the loop. The video is something completely different than anything that I have ever done before. So, if you guys like it I can definitely keep that in mind and try to edit more videos in this fun and quick manner.

I would also appreciate it if you critters would like to take a look at the website I created for this class, as well. It is nothing spectacular considering the fact that this is an intro class, and I am still learning a lot. Here's the website:

And enjoy the video:

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