Another Rant

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Okay critters!

So, as most of you know, I don't often do this sort of thing; but, sometimes when you've got something on your chest you've just got to get it out.

First off, I am taking an Intro to Computers and Computing class. I do not need it for my major; however, it does cover one of my general education requirements (BUT I don't have to take this one specific class, there where multiple ones to chose from). I chose this class because it seemed like something that would be beneficial to have knowledge of, as well as, contribute in helping my understanding of other classes related to my major [informatics].
That being said, I am not too concerned about this class, nor do I plan on having to stress over it.
Also, it is important to know that my college uses a site that all students are enrolled in for free in order for professors to use to when submitting homework, posting grades, sending announcements, etc. It is completely free/paid with tuition, and all students can use it.

And here starts the rant--in this class we were not required to purchase the book right when the school year started because it was unavailable and still being published. However, now that we are about half way through the course I have decided that it wouldn't necessarily be beneficial to own the book, but rather just something to borrow from a friend for a day before big exams. BUT (there's always a but when ranting) we are required to purchase the book in order to receive the access code for a software that the professor wants us to use for submitting and completing homework. The text book alone costs about $120!!! That's ridiculous when considering the fact that this is not a class required for most students' majors. AND on top of that, you also need to purchase the access code for this software that we must use and is completely unnecessary [since we have oncourse]. The code ALONE costs $110!!!!!!! GAHHHHH! If you wanted to purchase a hard copy of the book and then also get the access code that would be $230!! When purchasing the code and an ebook, the price is $140! All of this is completely ridiculous!
I'm half tempted to tell the professor "screw that!" And drop the class...
but I do really enjoy the material...
What should I do? What would you do?
Have you ever had an issue with purchasing college books like this one? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for listening!

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