What Am I Eating 9-16-13

Copied from my old blog:

Good morning critters.

I just thought I'd check in and let you know what is going on today.

First off, right now I am sitting in the computer lab waiting for my next class to start. I got me some yummy breakfast--a coffee, a bagel with strawberry cream cheese, and a chocolate brownie cliff bar that I will probably save to eat later.

I had my stats class this morning that was like super confusing because I missed class on Friday (I totally over slept). Good thing this professor records all of his lectures and puts all of the notes online, so then I can just get on a check them out. I still usually try to go to this class though because I know that I honestly won't take the time to listen to the lecture every day. It's way easier to just wake up and get it over with.
After all of my classes are done I have to write a paper that is due by 5pm tonight! It shouldn't be hard because it is just a stupid reflection paper about some development assets or something like that from when I was a kid. This course is an education class--and, well, education courses are blow off classes!
Well, I believe that is it for my important plans of the day. Maybe Sky and I will actually have time to play Wow!
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I love you all! Peace OUT