To Study Abroad, or Not To Study Abroad...

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Today, I am thinking. In the past, I wan't really big into the idea of going off to another country to learn. Traveling was no interest of mine; however, I feel like my whole viewpoint on this idea has changed. Some day--long after all of my kids have grown up, when I am old and retired, I want to travel the world with Sky. Okay, correction, I would be happy just getting an RV and traveling all over the US, but the world would be fun, too. SOOO with the idea of getting a jump start on this exploration and traveling experience, I have been thinking that it might be a fun idea to consider studying abroad.

Question #1: Where would I go? Hmmm, this is a hard one. As an Informatics major I could basically find a use for technology anywhere. It would be fun to see a new perspective from a different country on their uses of different softwares, social medias, and other forms of IT. One downfall would be that I would have to go somewhere that spoke english (but isn't that nearly everywhere now a days). Even with that minor set back, the options are endless. Honestly, I can't even decide.

Question #2: How much will it cost? Well, I just did a tad bit of research, and it seems that studying over seas is pretty expensive! They didn't lay out a set price on the site that I visited, so I would probably have to talk to an advisor. However, the page did say that they offer scholarships up to $100,000! Wow, that's a lot of money... and if they are going to give you that much, then how much does it truly cost?!? I wouldn't say that I would shut down the idea of studying abroad just because of the cost. There are ways to get that money like scholarships and loans; but, it is something that I need to consider.

Question #3: Could Sky come with? I can hear a lot of you laughing right now, but this is a serious issue for me. This question is a big deciding factor in whether or not I would go. It's not a matter of my trust of any sort--I would just simply be lonely without him. I would want him to experience this journey with me. AND I am sure he wouldn't mind a little vacation time himself. When I spoke to him about it the other day, there was an issue with money, and I understand... 'cause ITS ALOT (not only would I have to pay, but him as well). Plus, there is the issue with the fact that he is graduating this year and should be spending this coming summer working. This is still something we need to sit down and talk about; because, who knows, maybe I will not go this summer... maybe I will go sometime even more in the future. Would he be able to tag along then?

Question #4: And finally, one of the last questions that I am considering is this: Will it even be beneficial for me to study in a different country? I believe that it would be a great experience, a fun way to get out and have some fun, and a learning process in a totally different manner. BUT that doesn't mean that it is going to fit the requirements of my major, benefit me with some credits, or even be worth the stress and cost.

I just wanted to lay out some options today and maybe hear back from you all! Studying abroad can be a big commitment and I wanted to catch some feedback. So, let me know in the comment section below whether or not you think this is a good idea. Have you studied over seas, or even vacationed there? Suggestions?

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