Informative Ramble

Copied from my old blog:

Good afternoon critters!

Well, here's the sad part--I had a long, rambling, yet entertaining video filmed for all of you to watch today, but I replayed it and realized that I am absolutely hideous. I am not asking for comments of encouragement; I do not usually have such negative thoughts about myself. Recently, I have been struggling really bad with acne issues. It has gotten so bad that I reached out and contacted a dermatologist about possibly scheduling a meeting. Therefore, I really don't feel comfortable showing my face today, and maybe not even for awhile.
Anyways-- this is what I talked about in the video:
1) I don't want to do a very formal video today because I have a lot to do. Not that I have a lot of homework that is hard, but just that I have a lot of homework that takes up a lot of time. Also, I need to start putting all of my assignments from all of my syllabi into my filofax. If you haven't seen my post on how I organize my filofax for school check it out here!
2) For brunch, I am trying to be healthy. Well, actually I have been on a pretty good eating healthy kick all week. I am eating some raspberry yogurt and so celery and carrot sticks with ranch from a convince store here on the IU campus.
3) Oh, and speaking of healthy, I told you in a previous daily vlog that I got the jawbone up. I also promised that I would do an unboxing and review; but, I already opened it and have been using it for almost a week (p.s. I really like it and SkyCzar might be getting one, too). I plan on doing some sort of workout with it on first and use it a little bit more. And then, I will do a whole review on the band, the app, and show you that packaging and what not! If you have an Up band by Jawbone let me know in the comment section below so we can become teammates!
4) And speaking of reviews: a while back Sky and I did an unboxing post of out Razer gaming headsets (check that out here). We promised a review later on, and it has actually been quite a while--BUT we can not do a review for you all because we haven't really been playing World of Warcraft much... so, hopefully we will be getting back into it soon, use our headsets lots, and finally give you a review!
5) More things about videos that I promised: the eyeliner series (click here to see part 1) is still going to be on its way. The only downfall is that I do not have any duplicates of any make-up. What that means is that if I wanted to film a video tutorial showing you all how to do cat eyes, then I would have to bring all of my make-up with me to class (because I usually only come to the dorms in between classes) and then put my make-up on at the dorm, then take it off again after class (because I don't wear make-up to school [who has time to look pretty, psh!]). I am not saying that I am not going to keep working on the eyeliner series, all I am saying is to be patient. I might make it work and start filming make-up videos sometime on the weekends...but that's not a promise!
6) Lastly, don't forget to go check out my blog for They just recently (as in last Friday) launched a post of mine...check it out here, or you can also see it located on the sites homepage! I spend a lot of time on these posts because they need to be informative for future and interested students to learn all about what it's like to be an IU Hoosier! So please go check it out, share it on Facebook, twitter, and comment!!!
Hey critters, I just wanted to thank you one more time for staying by my side and staying patient with me as I figure out how this blog is going to conincide with the rest of my life. I really appreciate it.
Don't forget to go check out all of the links I have provided for you. And comment below if you are a Jawbone Up user so we can become teammates! Also, you can comment below if you have any suggestions, negatives, positive, etc,
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I love you all! Peace OUT