First Day of Sophomore Year in College

Copied from my old blog:

Good morning critters!

I will not have the time today to be blogging much, considering the fact that it is the first day of classes and I need to work on getting my routine down, as well as, staying focused in class. I simply wanted to check in with all of you and let you know about how my life will be rolling today.
First off, this morning before class, Sky and I dropped Zoey off at Petco for her first ever grooming session. We have frequently bathed in her in our tub or in the sink, but Zoey has never actually gotten the full hair cut and spa treatment of a spoiled puppy :) Needless to say, it was a very big event this morning and I am so pumped to see my pampered baby again after all of my classes are done. I am such an emotional mother... Sky made fun of me hardcore, but when we dropped Zoey off I cried as we left. I'm so scared for her because I know she is so scared right now, too. I just want to see my puppy again!
Now, for the rest of the day, I need to focus on classes. My schedule for Mondays looks like this:

Monday is my super busy day; but, the rest of the week will be cake after this. So, stay tuned for more college stuff :)
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I love you all! Peace OUT