A Huge Post

Copied from my old blog:

Hello my dearest critters!
So, I am a terrible blogger. Hate me if you want, because I hate myself right now, too. It has almost been two weeks since my last blog post... and the sad part is: I promised to daily vlog every day this month. Boy, am I a failure.


This post is a little recap on what has been keeping me so busy in life for me not to be posting at all. First a foremost, I have been working hard to get the Culver's Portside Marina website up and running how I would like it to look. I have met with a web designer who is going to be training me on ways to customize the new site that we are creating through Wordpress next Thursday! So, I am super pumped for that and have already went out and purchased a Wordpress for Dummies book. However, not only are we creating a whole new site for the marina, but I am also in charge of keeping up on the twitter and Facebook pages. (Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!) Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely loving my job! It has been keeping me busy in the best ways possible. My future plans are to hopefully to get a monthly newsletter out to all of the customers for the beginning of August in order to inspire them to visit the site, like and follow us, as well as, allow them to sign up to receive the newsletter again every month through email. I also need to remake a new brochure for the marina because their's is about 5 years old {at least}! I love having a plate full of things to do, I really do!!

Oh and speaking of loving my job at the marina. This web designer and web manager stuff has really got me thinking about turning the corner on a new path of life. I am debating on changing my major to computer science. And when I say debating, I basically mean I am waiting to hear back from an advisor who will help me change my major.
Anyways, I have been getting really into everything web-ish and have left all of my critters out :( I am so sorry for that!

Ideas for the Blog

The more that I have been working with Culver's Portside Marina in creating their new website, the more it has inspired me to make my blog bigger and better. Some day I want to move it over to a wordpress.org account! Maybe I can create something so spectacular and unique there. Also, I try my best not to use my real personal information on the site, but I am considering linking this site to my personal Facebook, twitter, and instagram account in order for all of the following critters to stay tuned with me nearly every day. What are your thoughts on all of this (let me know in the comment section below)??

Please Help Me

I need some help from you all though. I think that the reason I have not been posting a lot is because I feel as though no one is watching, reading, or admiring my blog. I have hundreds of viewers, but nothing to show for it. Whether you are my family, friends, or simple passerbys please don't hesitate to leave comments on my posts! It is a fun way for us to interact and for you to let me know your thoughts about the way my blog looks, the posts I am writing, the things you want me to post about or basically anything. You can also shoot me an email or follow me on twitter and chat it up!

Please like, comment, and subscribe!
I love you all! Peace OUT