Zoey's New Freedom

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Good afternoon critters!
Like I said last weekend, I don't really have much time to post a lot because I am busy being with SkyCzar during his time off. However, I do make sure to record as often as possible in order to give you guys a recap of what we did.
This weekend we had to watch a dog for a friend of Sky's. He was a black miniature poodle mix named Bo. In the video linked below, you will see that Bo had to be put in a crate while we went out to dinner, but we only had one crate. That meant that Zoey got to run free around the house for the very first time.
Turns out that Bo hates being alone, and Zoey doesn't care at all. She spent most of the time sleeping after she realized we would be gone for awhile. Check out the video to see more!
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I love you all! Peace OUT

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