Copied from my old blog:

Good morning critters!
Don't worry, I am still alive. I need to warn you all that this will probably be my only post until Sunday. Sky and I have been SOO busy. With this weekend being Memorial Day, we had a lot of time off; however, we also had a lot of gatherings and fun things to attend with friends. Then on Tuesday, when our week finally started up again, we didn't have the time or energy to post our movie review because he worked and trained all day, and I worked 7 hours! Yesterday, we had financial issues that had to be dealt with before we move on Saturday. Boy are we busy! Today and tomorrow I will be spending my time getting this apartment organized in order to successfully (and hopefully free of stress) move into our new one. Hopefully, during the moving process I can record vlogs to post later in order for all you to see our process and journey as our home grows and changes.
Please don't be sidcouraged--I will be back soon.
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I love you all! Peace OUT

To keep our spirits up, I have added a cute vid to hopefully help make this day brighter! It's the live chick camera from Animal Planet!

Live video by Animal Planet L!ve