ATM #5 5-14-13 1:43pm

Copied from my old blog:

My lovely critters!
So, my blood elf used to have alchemy and herbalism as her professions; however, SkyCzar I didn't like that very much, and it just wasn't suiting her well. Last night, I flew into Under City to train her in tailoring and enchanting (that seems better, right? haha), and, anyways, today I have spent a lot of my morning farming linen cloth to level up tailoring and catch up with the level of the area that I have been questing in. So, needless to say the Decrepit Fields in Silverpine Forest looks like a massacre. I have been killing off all the Hillsbrad Worgen; their only level 13, so it takes me no time to beat them down, and luckily, the almost exclusively drop linen, respawn quite fast, and aren't that far away from each other.
I have just finished making all of my bolts of linen. Now I need to fly back to the Under City and learn some more tailoring.
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Worgen Massacre!

Making a Bajillion Bolts of Linen.