ATM #2 5-9-13 10:47am

Copied from my old blog:

Goodmorning critters!
Today, I started off great. I've ate an actual breakfast (usually I don't have anything), I went for a run, I walked Zoey, and I met someone new! At the moment, I am watching Panser's new video on her channel RandomPanser! As silly as this may sound, I love watching her mail vlogs because it makes me want to send and receive mail (I know, silly, right?). But anyways, I think I am going to send her something soon. She has inspired me so much to make videos and blog like no one is watching haha! I keep up with all her channels, so check her out.
New topic: What do you want to see? I think I am going to make a new video soon. A review? I can review my Macbook and talk about how I game on it, my Razer Naga mouse that I have had for a little of a month, or my UrbanEar headphones that I hope to be replacing soon. What sounds best to you? Put your answers in the comment section below, and I can make a video for you all soon!
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I love you all! Peace OUT