Danyell Bailey is a graduate with a degree in Informatics from Indiana University. Through school she has learned multiple languages, the basics of design, along with the psychology and sociology of the online world. While attending school she created and kept her personal blog up to date, designed and coded The New Blak company blog and website, and worked with many others to create stunning online media. This hard working, self motivated, social butterfly loves spending her time online. Danyell Bailey has currently found a full-time position working with Cerner Corporation as a Technical Solution Analyst.

Danyell's Designs

1. Culver's Portside Marina

Over the summer of 2013, I worked with Culver's Portside Marina to create a new website and social media presence. I constructed ideas for the business that could create a better online environment for communication between employees, as well as with customers. The Culver's Portside Marina owners, team, and I collaborated together to decide on a WordPress theme, and then, after agreeing upon a layout and design, I implemented the site. I worked with Wordpress.org, a hosting service, and integrated effective add-ons that would make the experience of their site even better. After the site was published and live for customers to see, we created social sites like Facebook and Twitter in order to keep potential customers updated on sales, events, news, and behind the scenes fun.

After completion of the online marketing revamp, I trained specific employees on working with Wordpress, as well as the social media sites. At this time I handed over the site, content, and social media plan to Culver's Portside Marina in the fall at which time, they were able to keep the site and social media function and up to date. To learn more about what I did for Culver's Portside Marina please contact me.

2. The New Blak

The New Blak was founded in May of 2014. I was recruited to design their blog and manage the content produced by the six blogging contributors. I created all original graphics in order to suit the design and color choices we had in mind. After working side by side with the team as we drew templates for the blog, I created the blog using Blogger and implemented personalized widgets and custom CSS in order to meet the needs and desires of the team. Graphics were used in order to create a visual experience that allowed users to interact with the interface and read blog content with ease.

During that summer, I also wrote articles as a contributor to The New Blak Blog and supported the members with daily events, activities, and planning. I took on the roll as online media specialist and kept the blog up to date as well as all social media channels. I currently still work for The New Blak on a need be basis and keep up with day to day maintenance of the blog with redesigns and troubleshooting. I am also collaborating with the team to help create their new website. To learn more about what I did for The New Blak please contact me.

3. We Are IU

Beginning in the summer of 2013, I began writing for WeAreIU, a site targeting Indiana University prospective and current students. I worked alongside many other students and wrote articles relating to college life.  As of July 2015, I have published 19 posts and shared my knowledge and advice to over 10,000 readers about life as an Indiana University student. I've used my writing to persuade and inform interest parties of IU life, events, and more. As a WeAreIU contributor I have received over 7,000 media shares on my content. 

Working with WeAreIU, I was also eligible to join the media team in which I volunteer my time as a social media ambassador. As an ambassador, I share content via an online software that allows me to interact with other students who are sharing content, as well. To learn more about what I do for WeAreIU please contact me.