My ebooks are designed to help you expand your knowledge about memory keeping by inspiring, teaching, and sharing personal journeys with you in a digital book version that goes further beyond what I can offer in my blog. With each ebook you will get access to my exclusive content, a membership to the private Facebook group designed for sharing our stories of memory keeping, and more information directly to your inbox about behind the scenes moments.


The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging

This ebook is for those who want to capture their own stories with video and need to know how to get started. I will share everything that I know about vlogging—what it is, what gear you need in order to capture the best stories, what things you can film on a daily basis, how to edit your vlogs so that each one has a theme, and ultimately, how you can share these stories with others so that you all can relive these moments over and over again!